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Dressage NZ is proud to offer our Members the opportunity to purchase their apparel online.

By purchasing apparel you will be supporting Dressage NZ. Each purchase contributes $15.- to Dressage NZ.

Wendy Hamerton, DNZ Sport Manager

Each item has a reference link to the size guide and measurements of chest size.

We highly recommend you refer to the size guide before purchase, as printed apparel can't be returned.

Depending on workload and orders, it may take 10 working days before dispatch.

Size -> from Slim to Modern fits, please check size guide
Material -> from amount of cotton to polyester all outlined underneath.
Print Color -> each print is offered in different colors to match your apparel.


Each item will have standard the DNZ Logo on the front, please check before purchase in the description of each item.


But each item will give you different graphic print options for on the back;

If you tick option DNZ Logo on the back, the enlarged logo will be on the back as well as on the front (smaller)






If you tick option Riding High on the back, this design representing the ups and downs, will be on the back.




If you tick option Pathway to GP on the back, this design representing the pathway to Grand Prix, will be on the back.