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SEO Search Engine Optimization and Organic Google Ranking

Frustrated because your website is not on the first page of Google Search?

Setting up a brand and competing for Google Ranking against big companies, build by people, specialised in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can feel like entering a Mine field.

Anyway that's how it felt to me especially with no experience and a limited budget, to start with.

 Where do you start?

Learning quickly that most who offered those services were after keep control over my website, and charge monthly with no guarantee that it would be successful.

Control over my own website and Organic Google ranking was crucial to me.

With a lot of Determination, I started on my path to crack the Google Ranking Algorithm:

 asking anyone I knew who worked in IT

Surprised to find out, that beside a few minor tips, they didn't know either.

 graphic designers

They gave great tips regards the look of the website, but again no knowledge regards SEO. (Later on you learn that looks and Google ranking don't always go Hand in Hand.)

A Website needs to be build around Search Engine Optimisation and not the other way around.

Every time I rebuild the AllinFlex Site (9x) I learnt how Google crawled the site and ranked it.

Encouraged by a turnover growth of 30% per year, I knew I was on the right track and made me more determined to improve.

The conversion rate grew accordingly, in the Health Supplement industry it's 2.25% and the AllinFlex has an conversion rate average of 11.43%.

The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors. For example, if an ecommerce site receives 20 visitors in a month and has 1 sale, the conversion rate would be 1 divided by 20, or 5%.



Stubbornly I kept thinking Nobody knows my Business better than me.

 reading anything I could get my hands on, regards SEO

hours and hours of studying reading and googling


We all heard about Keywords, but the How and What and Where?

 What do People Google? Do you need to pay Monthly Google Adds to be on Top?

I was after Organic SEO, meaning ranking High without an AD, (you see them on top of the Search page, clearly showing it's an AD.)

As a Consumer myself I noticed I mostly strolled down to pick the one who came on top under the ADS, as those businesses are often the most popular ones.

When other Businesses started to phone me for advice and the turnover kept growing for 3 years in a row, at an impressive rate of 30% per year, the plan developed to help others:

 get control over the whole process.

 especially small to medium size business will be like I was once, struggling in this Online Mine field.

 AllinFlex is an E-commerce site, which Organically ranks for a variety of keywords high, consequently the advertising budget can be low.

The AllinFlex website, which we do the SEO for is complex, because the website sells for People, but also for Dogs and Horses, and caries a wide variety of products. It has a good Google Organic ranking not only in NZ but Australia, Europe, USA and Canada. The Health Supplement Industry is a highly competitive market, which makes the SEO of such a website a challenge.

The power of an online presence cannot be ignored anymore!

 If potential customers cannot easily access and communicate with your business from their home office then you are putting your business at a significant disadvantage.

 We live in a world where this is more important than ever and we look forward to helping you during this time and beyond.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help Ph 027 271 4179


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